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How To Use

  • Type the name of the medication (either the brand name or the generic name) in the search box.
  • Or click on the a letter in the alphabet, and look for the drug manually.
  • On each page you will find the generic name, the manufacturer, other trade names available, as well as a picture of the drug if available.
  • There are 5 different categories of fetal risk: A,B,C,D,and X 
    (according to FDA categorization, and are colored blue, green, yellow, red and black respectively). Please see
    FDA Pregnancy Risk Category.
  • On each page you will find the category of the selected medication, the drug indications, its fetal risk and breast feeding precautions.
  • By placing your mouse cursor over the words that are Bold in the text, a simple explanation of that word will come up.

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